One Million People Beat Halo 4 In 5 Days

Posted on Nov 16 2012 - 3:34am by Curtis

One Million People Beat Halo 4 In 5 Days

343 have just recently revealed statistics from Halo 4 for the five days it has been released for. On Halo Waypoint 343 gave us a heads up that more than four million people have played Halo 4 on Xbox Live in the first five days of release and that 1,116,882 of those people have beaten the campaign. Only 6% of that big number beat it on Legendary and I’m glad to say I am part of it.

Now time for some more numbers, 31.4 million hours were spent playing Halo 4 in total of every one playing. 13.5 of those hours were for campaign, 1.9 million hours in Spartan Ops and 16 million hours in War Games. 43,334,060 achievements have been unlocked and 4,590,416,285 kills have been earned in total of every one playing. To be more precise 2,675,140,836 kills came from campaign, 505,250,095 were from Spartan Ops and the last 1,410,025,354 are from War Games.

These are some serious huge numbers and 343 commented “We couldn’t have achieved any of the above numbers without you, so from all of us at 343, thanks for playing,” Halo 4 earned about $220 million on its first hours on sale and I must say way to go 343.

I have a lot of promise for future developments from 343.

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