BioShock Infinite Pre-Order Bonuses Are Completely Lame

Posted on Jan 26 2013 - 6:12pm by Christopher

BioShock Infinite Pre-Order Bonuses Are Completely Lame

I know so many people who are going crazy for BioShock Infinite and I think it’s just hyped up too much, I got a look at the special things you get for pre-ordering the game and it’s nothing special. From Gamestop you get a damage upgrade and new skin for a shotgun and the exact same things at Best Buy instead it’s for a sniper rifle.

Though on Amazon you get a prequel story titled BioShock Infinite: Mind in Revolt, which doesn’t interest someone like me at all. There’s nothing from these pre-order bonuses that interest me at all and I hate how games are making the exclusive to certain retailers, it’s not that fair because if one place has something better than of course their going to get all the sales.

I’m not even going to buy this game to be honest, I love BioSchock but this game really doesn’t look all that exciting for me; I think I’ll buy it once the prices goes down because I don’t feel like spending  so much. Maybe I’ll be proved wrong from more detailed gameplay but as of now BioShock Infinite isn’t anything I’m dying to pick up, it’s not like it’s Pikmin 3; that’s a whole different story.

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