Black Ops II The Revolution DLC Comes Out Tomorrow

Posted on Jan 28 2013 - 12:08pm by Christopher

Black Ops II The Revolution DLC Comes Out Tomorrow

Black Ops II fans are probably rejoicing in such a glorious moment that finally an official DLC is coming out tomorrow for their beloved Black Ops II but I personally am not going to get it. Though I do own the game but I just don’t play it all the much; I’m not even a big fan of the game as well. It’s a simplistic game where you can honestly win just grabbing any gun just fire off the clip and win, there is no strategy needed; I already got the diamond shotguns and I really feel like it’s waste of time to get diamond for each gun.

Even though the ability to play as zombies is very tempting this is just going to get a pass for me, the new maps do look interesting but I just don’t have time to play Black Ops II or many videogames in general now; I’m saving all my time for Dead Space 3 because that game looks truly worth my money and time!

Are you a Black Ops II fan and are getting the DLC? If so tell me why and or if you read this on the day it releases then tell me if it’s any good; I’m curious.

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