Justin Bieber Attacks A Woman With Nerf Foam Projectiles

Posted on Jan 27 2013 - 2:00pm by Christopher

Justin Bieber Attacks A Woman With Nerf Foam Projectiles

Yup, Justin Bieber has done something so incredibly stupid yet it makes me wonder whether he or the person he “attacked” is the bigger idiot. At one of his venues in Ottawa, Canada Justin apparently shot and hit a woman when playing with a nerf gun; those things shoot out foam projectiles but apparently this female employee actually filed a police report about it.

I’m not kidding, this woman gets hit with a foam projectile and actually contacts the police, it’s like me filing a police report against a guy who accidently bumped into me when I was walking down the street; it’s so stupid that I can’t really tell who’s the bigger idiot.

Of course Bieber should not fire such things at another person, mistake or not you just don’t aim at people unless they have a nerf weapon of their own; but to believe this woman is taking it so seriously is absolutely hilarious. But may Justin Bieber be warned that if you aim a nerf gun at the wrong people you just might get some of the real deal danger blasted right back at you, not everyone has a brain and can understand; especially in the dark that you’re not holding a real weapon. It’s dangerous and childish; grow up Bieber and for that woman who filed the police report, she can honestly stop being such a stuck up idiot, it’s foam for crying out loud; it’s not going to kill you!

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