The Only Thing I Want In Lego Marvel Super Heroes: The Video Game

Posted on Jan 30 2013 - 11:00am by Jason Delacey

What I Want In Lego Marvel Super Heroes: The Video Game

Last years Lego Batman 2 was one of my games of the year. It by a mile for me was the ultimate Lego video game and it did so many things right that I actually have a hard time going back and playing the older Lego games now.

Still with that being said there as much fun as I had playing Lego Batman 2 there were a couple of things that bugged me and this is what I would like to see improved in Lego’s Marvel Super Hero Game.

Make A Better Map

The open world aspect of Lego Batman 2 was tremendous, but my god did that on screen map suck big time. Sure you could pause the game to see the full map, but that little radar type map thing they had going on simply did not work for me. After a while you figured it out, but I would still like a better map.

Easy Access To Change Character In 2 Player

One of the reasons I loved Lego Batman 2 was that I played through it with my son. But in the free roam area if player 1 wants to change there character player 2 is forced to sit there and wait until they do. This became a major chore and it is something that in no way should be in any future Lego games. Player 2 should be able to just keep on running around doing there thing when player 1 is changing there character.

More Missions

The free roaming that you could do around Gotham City was great, but after a while there was nothing to do. I would love to see a great deal of missions as well as the gold and red bricks and pedestrians you need to save. Some extra missions would add a great deal of game play to the free roam mode. Maybe something along the lines of Toy Story 3’s toy box mode would work.

More Characters

This is a bit harsh as the Lego games have always been full to the brim of characters, but Lego Batman 2 could have had many different DLC character packs. This is something that I hope they do with Lego Marvel.

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