Marvel Super Heroes That Deserve A Movie Of Their Own

Posted on Jan 26 2013 - 10:30am by Christopher

Marvel Super Heroes That Deserve A Movie Of Their Own

Now everybody has super heroes that they would love to see get their own movies, and I personally have a few that I would love to see. Of course, they’re all Marvel super heroes; I’ve never been that big a fan of DC Comics so I’m sorry DC fanboys.

Let’s start this list off with a duo super hero, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, I would love to see a movie of Heroes For Hire; it would be interesting and different from what we’ve seen in current super heroes movies. These two are simply men who create a business as freelance body guards, helping people who pay them for their services instead of the average hero fighting for justice.

I really want to see a Black Panther movie; he looks so badass and I think that a super hero movie based on him would be completely awesome, though I’ve never actually read up on him. He just looks like a hero that would be different from what we’ve already seen, they use heroes that many people know and I think they should aim for some that people may not be familiar of if they weren’t huge Marvel fans.

The Main hero I want to see thought and I bet you all agree with me completely when I say Deadpool, he’s by far one of the funniest comic super hero characters I’ve ever seen and I love how he just mocks super heroes’ clichés all the time. It’s gory and could only ever be suitable for an R rating, anything lower and the movie just won’t live up to the fans expectations. Plus, I think Ryan Reynolds should be given another chance to act as him again; it wasn’t fair in Origins when they stitched his mouth shut. I have a feeling he could have done the super heroes’ character justice.

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