Playing The PlayStation: Over The Top Mindless “Loaded”

Posted on Jan 26 2013 - 11:00am by Jason Delacey

Playing The Playstation: Loaded

Loaded - 1996 - Sony Playstation 1

Loaded was a game that I played on a demo disc shortly after the original Playstation had released. I saved a bit of my Christmas money to buy the game when it was released in January of 96.

Anyway for those of you who do not know. Loaded is an over the top violent, mindless shooter. But while I am saying it is a shooter many people compare the game with Gauntlet and that is actually a really good comparison.

You need to pick from one of six characters. Now these are not your typical good guys at best they could be described as anti heroes, but these are some seriously bad people. You have Mamma, Vox, Cap n Hands, Butch, Bounca and my and many other peoples favourite Fwank. Each character plays a little different, but the goal of each level is the same. You go through rooms killing everything in site. Sometimes you will need to find a key or do a little puzzle solving here and there. But for the most part this is all about killing things and looting the bodies.

One really cool thing was that you could play the game in co op and at the time this was the only game I had that was not a fighting or racing game for my Playstation. Now this is a game that I will admit has not aged particularly well. Both in terms of graphics and in game play. It is pure mindless fun, but it is a game I have very fond memories of.

There was a sequel released called Re-Loaded that was released in the very same year, but there was just something missing about that game.

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