What Rapper Do You Wanna See Make The 2013 XXL Freshman Class?

Posted on Jan 27 2013 - 1:00pm by Christopher

What Rapper Do You Wanna See Make The 2013 XXL Freshman Class?

Now last year’s freshman class only had two impressive rappers on it, both Hopsin and Macklemore are amazing rappers who make music that you honestly can relate to and I honestly enjoy their lyrics a lot. The rest though were pretty disappointing and I did take the time to listen everyone else who made the freshman class but they didn’t compare nor were they memorable or amazing.

Now it’s a new year and a new class and I saw the list of nominees and it’s pretty damn long click HERE to check them all out and to even vote for which you want to see make it, but I’ll be honest that out of that huge list I have selected 5 that I actually think are talented rappers and that I have heard of; I did search up many of the names and was very displeased of the music I heard.

Let’s start with D-Pryde, he’s a rapper from Brampton Ontario where I actually grew up but it’s not a bias opinion because of that fact; he’s actually very talented and has many songs that I can actually relate too. He’s young and still has a long way to go but I do think he’s very deserving to be on this list, I’ve been a fan of his for years now and it’s his time to shine.

Then we got Dizzy Wright a rapper who makes me stop and think, his lyrics really leave a mark on me with some of his songs; he’s honestly they very few amount of weed rappers that I can actually sit down and listen to and enjoy entirely. He really proved me wrong; there are weed rappers out there that can actually deliver amazing lyrics that touch you.

Now we we’ve got Logic, he’s a rapper I never knew about but when I saw his name and searched up his music I was surprised; this guy has talent. After the first song I had to move on and listen to another and another and another and so on; I think I listened to at least 10 of his tracks and he truly is worthy to be on this list.

There’s also Action Bronson, I’m not a huge fan or an avid listener of his music but I can tell you that he’s awesome; I believe he did a track with A$AP Rocky that really impressed me and after that I actually keep a look out for new tracks by him or featuring him.

The last rapper I’d like to mention is Joey Bada$$ especially his track “Waves” that gave me an incredibly old school feel; he’s got the lyrics and the sound that really sooth me, it’s like I can listen to his music when I’m walking down the street and just allow me to think.

These are my five rappers I’d like to make the XXL freshman class of 2013, if I didn’t mention any of the other nominees you love then please reply and tell me why they deserve it; I’m interested in hearing others opinions.

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