No Surprise To See That J.J. Abrams Might Not Be Directing Star Trek 3

Posted on Jan 27 2013 - 7:03pm by Curtis

No Surprise To See That J.J. Abrams Might Not Be Directing Star Trek 3

When J.J. Abrams was officially confirmed for being the director for the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII I was guessing that some sacrifices we’re going to be made, now he’s starting to think that he might not be directing Star Trek 3 because of Star Wars.

I’m not all that sad that he’ll be leaving Star Trek, don’t get me wrong I love me some Star Trek but my heart belongs to Star Wars though if I had to choose from the both.  Makes sense though, it would be a whole lot of work and stress to handle such a huge franchise like Star Wars along with Star Trek.

Many people are excited for his upcoming movie Star Trek: Into Darkness, Star Trek being rebooted was something I was a little worried about but when I saw the movie I thought it wasn’t bad nothing extremely amazing but it was a good movie. Like I said in the beginning some sacrifices must be made in order to bring something great, he’s got Star Wars in the palm of his hands if he screws up with Episode VII it could ruin his career that’s how much he’s got on his back directing this film.

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