Watch The Oscar-Nominated Animated Short By Disney Paperman

Posted on Jan 31 2013 - 10:05am by Christopher

Watch The Oscar-Nominated Animated Short By Disney Paperman

When I went to go see Wreck-It-Ralph I did not expect this animated short to come up but it was really amazing, Paperman truly has so much heart put into it. This is something I’d completely expect from Disney, in fact this is what I imagine when I hear the mention of Disney; it’s such a short but beautiful story.

It’s simply just a man who meets  a woman who he just get forget about and once he sees her again tries with all his might to get her attention, it’s a simple plot but it was done so well that I honestly didn’t want it to end; it was a story that really grasped your attention. The fact that it was in black and white with no voices; only music and sound effects made it all that more interesting.

After watching this I guess it really set the mood for you to sit back and enjoy Wreck-It-Ralph, it was practically a delicious and amazing entrée before your dinner. If you haven’t watched it then you’re missing out, I’ll even do you the favor of giving you the video to watch right here; just because I’m a nice fellow who wants to help put a smile on your face.

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