Attention Bronies First Look At German Plush Ponies Make Me Squeal

Posted on Feb 1 2013 - 10:05am by Christopher

Attention Bronies First Look At German Plush Ponies Make Me Squee

This is a first look at the new plush pony that was shown at the Nuremberg International Toy Fair and ponies have breached the toy fair! Like I’ve stated once before they only have Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash and they all look pretty good except I have a problem with one of their designs.

The giant Pinkie Pie looks really bloated, the legs don’t look right at all; they’re practically bending. Her face also looks very stubby; it just doesn’t look as good as the smaller models. I hope these are not the final versions of each model because I feel like they can really do a much better job with the larger one, the others look pretty good; but I can’t get over how the large Pinkie Pie looks like a hippo.

What do you think? Does large Pinkie Pie look like a hippo or a ten out of ten would buy? I’m really skeptical if I would buy it; something is tingling in my mind like a spidey sense of some sort. Anyways if anyone does buy these ponies I’d really like to know what they think, even though I highly doubt they’ll be coming out soon but we can always hope.

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