Awesome Dead Space 3 Isaac Clarke Figure

Posted on Feb 13 2013 - 8:30am by Curtis

Awesome Dead Space 3 Isaac Clarke Figure

If you’re a huge fan of Dead Space in general then you’re in for a treat, today I’ve got something pretty damn awesome to show you. Right above you can see the figure of Isaac Clarke and it looks pretty cool, he’s wearing his Artic Survival Suit while stepping on something… I don’t know what it is, though whatever it is, it looks like it’s covered in a lot of blood.

I’ve recently have beaten Dead Space 3 on the Impossible difficulty which wasn’t all that impossible as it seemed to be which you can read all about HERE. So I would consider getting this figurine, the game was a lot better than I expected and this figurine looks very high quality.

I have no idea where you can buy one of these Isaac Clarke figurines.. sad to say, I found out that you can purchase it on Ebay which by all means you can do if you really want it. Though I don’t know where you can buy this off of an official site, either way it looks nice and it’s meant for any of you that really love the entire franchise as a whole.

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