What I Want In Batman Arkham 3 – Co-op, Story Driven Challenges And More

Posted on Feb 18 2013 - 8:40am by Jason Delacey

What I Want In Batman Arkham 3

So it was just revealed that we would be seeing a 3rd entry into the Batman Arkham series later this year. I found this very surprising as Rocksteady had already stated that there next DC game would be based on the silver age and feature members of the Justice League. Also they said this game would be out in 2014 at the earliest. So is this new game in the Arkham series a totally separate entity from the Silver Age one due out next year? Or has that Silver Age game been scraped in favour of this? Or is it what I am really hopeful for and that is we get one last Arkham game this generation and the Silver Age game on the Xbox 720 and PS4?

Christopher has already gave his thoughts on what he would like in the next game in the series so I thought I would chip in with mine.

Some Kind Of Co-Op

I am not sure how in depth they would expand the roster especially as having The Flash, Superman and Wonder Woman in the Silver Age game would be its big selling point. But at the very least I would love to see some kind of co-op where one of you can play as Batman and the other as Robin. I loved playing as Robin in the challenges in Arkham City. And again in Harleys Revenge

Story Driven Challenges

Christopher mentioned in his article about playing as villains in the challenges what a great idea this really is. I would love them to be a bit more in depth. And I am not talking about having full on cinematic’s, but a bit of text explain what is going on would be cool. Like maybe one could se you as Killer Croc taking down a bunch of Arkham guards as you are trying to break out of your cell.

Despite already having Arkham Asylum on the Xbox I also bought the Playstation version so I could play as The Joker. And to be honest after about five minutes it lost is appeal. It was cool playing as The Joker, but I never felt like was doing anything other than beating up a few guys with Joker.

More Of The Same Please

Honestly I consider the Arkham games not only to be two of the best super hero games ever made. But I also consider them two of the best video games ever made. Seriously these are two story driven masterpieces. And the game play also is incredible. I know Rocksteady may be tempted to mess with the formula, but sometimes change is not a good thing especially when what you have is so good.

I cannot wait to see what kind of story we get this time around. And I think that this license could not be in the hands of a better developer to be honest.

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  1. Kaelin Brown March 9, 2013 at 6:27 pm - Reply

    I really wanna see all the heroes and villains from justice league

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