Hey Bronies! Enterplay Chips In With Autographed Card And More For The Unicon Charity

Posted on Feb 28 2013 - 9:30am by Christopher

Enterplay Chips In With Autographed Card And More For The Unicon Charity

Now if you haven’t heard of the Unicon disaster then you’re lucky because what they did was horrible, they first of all overestimated the number of people that were going to attend and couldn’t pay some of their bills; even the special guests and V.I.P’s were kicked out of their hotel room and were forced to pay the bills for them.

That’s only a little bit of the problems that happened at this convention and I highly doubt that it will ever return after this experience people had, I don’t even think people want to hear the name Unicon again; of course those who attended I mean.

So, there is a charity being held to help give back money to those at the convention who got screwed over horribly, so Enterplay threw in the whole set  of series one cards and even a bunch of autographed cards alongside them.

It’s great to see how bronies can come together and help one another so easily, it’s an impressive fandom filled with some genuinely nice people who are so caring and loving that they’d instantly try to help with the issue. Sure, the convention was a failure but at least we can confirm that the fandom is still as great as it has always been.

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