Build-A-Bear Push Ponies Look Awesome A Lot Better Than What Hasbro Has Made

Posted on Feb 4 2013 - 9:55pm by Christopher

Build-A-Bear Push Ponies Look Awesome A Lot Better Than What Hasbro Has Made

Now every plush pony I’ve seen by Hasbro has been very unappealing, they always end up looking like deformed hippos of some sort but damn, Build-A-Bear has done it; these ponies look awesome! Honestly, they look very well done; though the mane looks kind of alright but the overall design of the pony is very good.

So far they’ve only showed images of Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash and I’m telling you right now if I saw the Fluttershy one then I’d be out of my house running to the nearest Build-A-Bear workshop, I’d be so fast that not even Flash could keep up with me; I’d be the fastest creature on land!

Finally we get plush ponies that do the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic well, it’s something we’ve been waiting for and it has arrived! Beside me being all overdramatic this is something that I believe that many bronies are going to buy them; though I bet most of them will ask someone else to go for them since some people are really shy about buying a pony for themself. I personally don’t care, if I’m going to buy a pony then I’m sure as hell will buy it with pride; if you can’t buy something you like with ease then why ever buy it in the first place?

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