Check Out A Super Mario In First Person It Makes Me Go Blegh

Posted on Feb 22 2013 - 10:00am by Curtis

Check Out A Super Mario In First Person It Makes Me Go Blegh

While I was browsing YouTube I came across a very interesting video, it shows how a Super Mario Bros. game would like if it was an HD first-person game. I’m not going to lie it’s a very awesome looking thing but, it really makes me feel sick looking at it especially how many times Mario jumps on the cannon balls.

Here’s the video enjoy and you’ll see what I mean about the cannon balls part:

See it did look cool, but later on it just got a little sickening to watch. The best part about it for me was seeing the Monty Moles and the fight of Mario VS Bowser it looked really bad ass, though I preferred it when I saw Mario in the cut scene thing like parts in the video. It just shows you that if a Super Mario Bros. game was ever made in first person it would definitely suck a lot, though if it was put in HD now that I wouldn’t mind all that much.

What was your opinion on the video, did the whole cannon ball jumping part almost make you feel sick or was it just me?

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