Chris Brown Claims Beating Rihanna Is His Deepest Regret

Posted on Feb 27 2013 - 3:29pm by Christopher

Chris Brown Claims Beating Rihanna Is His Deepest Regret

Now Chris Brown beat Rihanna up years ago so why does it have to be brought up again? We can already tell that it surely is one of his biggest regrets because it pretty much harmed his career big time, though I personally don’t care about it anymore.

He beat her up and sure it was wrong but let the past be the past and move on, the guy did something he regrets so I don’t know why people have to always bring it up when they talk about him; I personally  am not a fan of his music but surely do respect the many as a dancer. He’s amazing at dancing and I’m not going to allow his personal life matter change my opinion; that’s just ignorant.

The man made a mistake and he sure as hell knows it so people should just calm down on the whole woman beating thing; especially feminists because they’re so annoying. Feminists who I know who’ve spoken on the matter get upset at Chris Brown for what he did but isn’t feminism stand for equality of women? So her getting decked in the face should be the same as two guys fighting then, that’s what I understand from it. But whatever, Chris Brown seems like a pretty cool person so I’m not going to let this one bad moment in his life completely label him.

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  1. Evan February 27, 2013 at 11:04 pm - Reply

    Chris is an incredibly talented musician who made a horrible decision. I think he is growing up and taking responsibility for what he did. Beating anyone man or women is not acceptable and hopefully this doesn’t happen again, because I don’t see him coming back from another event like this.

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