Chris Taylor Announces That The Wildman Kickstarter Has Been Cancelled

Posted on Feb 12 2013 - 9:32am by Curtis

Chris Taylor Announces That The Wildman Kickstarter Has Been Cancelled

Chris Taylor, the designer of The Wildman Kickstarter has decided to cancel the Kickstarter, four days before the funding was scheduled to finally end. Wildman is an action role playing game and it was promised to be an evolutionary game and it earned half of the $1.1 million goal. The Kickstarter was supposed to be finished on this upcoming Friday, but it seems to have ended a lot sooner.

This is what Gas Powered Games posted today:

Greetings Kickstarters.

“We have some news today. We are canceling the Wildman Kickstarter.”

“At this point, it makes sense for us to focus our attention on other ways to keep Gas Powered Games running. Unfortunately, we are unable to share any specifics in public. When we have news to share, we will be posting it on our site. If you want status updates, or if you want to continue discussing Wildman and/or this Kickstarter, please consider migrating over to”

“We are profoundly grateful to those of you who backed this project and Gas Powered Games. Your passion and hard work put us in a position to write this exciting new chapter in the history of GPG.”

This was not a surprise to me honestly, they were going for an indie game with a huge budget and it didn’t end up too well. Honestly it was a lot of money to ask for, for a game that would be considered an indie game. Shame though that it didn’t get it’s time to shine, I wonder if it ever will.

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