Community Premiere Trailer Makes Me Shed Tears Of Pure Joy

Posted on Feb 1 2013 - 11:00am by Christopher

Community Premiere Trailer Makes Me Shed Tears Of Pure Joy

I’ll admit that I didn’t watch Community right when it came out, in fact I think I only watched it two months ago but I have to be completely honest and say it’s possibly one of the most funniest shows I’ve ever watched. The cast is just perfect, they work so well together and now that season 4 is on its way then I can cheer for joy!

From the trailer it looks like Chang is going to try to bring down Greendale once again, he seems to have gotten even more insane which is perfect; he even offers to kill a guy! That’s our beloved Chang, getting crazier every season.

But the show looks like it’s taken another step higher on the level of awesome, so many cool things are going to happen this season and I’m really looking forward to it! Community is premiering on February 7th on NBC of course; I’m surely going to watch it are you?

I loved that ending reference though; when the German guy says,“ Germans don’t hold a grudge.”  So, Abed replies, “Unless we’re talking about Die Hard 3.” I’ve seen all the Die Hard films and got it right away, truly funny and I can’t wait for the more amazing references they have in Community.

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