Partial Game Review: Dead Space 3 Has Got Me Feeling Warm And Fuzzy

Posted on Feb 7 2013 - 8:07am by Curtis

Dead Space 3 Has Got Me Feeling Warm And Fuzzy

I’ve recently been playing Dead Space 3 a whole lot, me and one of my best friends have taken the challenge to venture off onto a quest that became more challenging than we ever expected. We decided to instantly hit up the hardest difficulty on Dead Space 3 for our first play through, was this the smartest decision we’ve made? No it’s not, but when we complete our goal bards will tell tales about our quest in taverns all across the world.

Anyways onto the actual some what kind of review its self, the game so far is pretty damn good Isaac Clarke is back and is going through some tough shit all over again though he’s not alone, for John Carver is there to suffer along with him.

The game is difficult on the hardest difficulty the necromorphs are very quick at some points; there were many new enemies in the game. There were these weird green like necromorphs that spit acid which makes you not able to sprint, the babies from the first and second game that shoot projectiles I think were changed to dogs or something they don’t look the same, there’s these annoying damn creatures that regenerate their limbs back and can’t be killed, the fat necromorphs that release these small little heads with legs that remind me of the face huggers from aliens and I guarantee there’s a whole lot more we haven’t seen.

We’ve just got to disc 2 for the Xbox 360 of the game and have a long while to go, the action scenes shown throughout the game are awesome, and the dark atmosphere is still in this game especially when you’re in the ship with the narrow and dark corridors.

In all the game is good so far, I don’t want to mention anything about the plot yet, I’d like to give that in my full review when I’ve actually completed the game. So sit tight, the review should be here sometime around next week.

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