Dead Space 3: Impossible Mode Has Been Conquered Also Isaac And John Are Badasses

Posted on Feb 11 2013 - 1:45pm by Curtis

Dead Space 3: Impossible Mode Has Been Conquered Also Isaac And John Are Bad Asses

Me and one of my best friends have finally done it, we beat the game on the impossible difficulty and I must say that it wasn’t really all that impossible. At first when we had crappy weapons and our armor wasn’t upgraded it felt pretty difficulty at times, but as you advance through the game your armor gets better and your weapons become god like, they’re so powerful to the point your just mowing down necromorph scum easily.

The game was very enjoyable, when you get through 50% of the game Isaac and John start having great dialogue together and some if it is extremely funny. Though I like how at first they don’t see eye to eye, but their friendship develops to something similar like brothers in a sense. It was risky to introduce a new character to be a co-op partner; I was a little worried if he was going to be as awesome as Isaac. John was able to hold his own weight in the game, putting him and Isaac together was like peanut butter and jelly they were complete hard core badasses.

It was a great game; Dead Space 3 had an amazing plot it kept me interested throughout the whole experience. Those who say they’re not buying it because of EA sucking or Dead Space 3 not being the same as Dead Space are just missing out on something amazing.


The ending really got to me, seeing both Isaac and John go up against a moon was something I wasn‘t expecting but they weren’t fazed by it at all. Like the men they were, they went out the only way possible, with a boom. Not going to lie I got a little teary eye to see that Isaac finally was able to rest in peace along with John Carver, though I was wrong. If you wait for the end of the credits you get a little message of Isaac calling out to Ellie, hopefully John is alive also because he surprised me as a new character, and he was actually likeable.

Now me and my best friend are onto a new goal, to beat the game on the hard core difficulty. One death and you restart from the very beginning of the game; this is a whole new meaning to pain and suffering.

What are your thoughts on the game or the ending of it? If you’ve already beaten it of course.

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