Dead Space 3 Impossible Mode Isn’t As Impossible As I Thought It Would Be

Posted on Feb 10 2013 - 11:41am by Curtis

Dead Space 3 Impossible Mode Isn't As Impossible As I Thought It Would Be

As I’ve written before, I and one of my best friends have started playing Dead Space 3 and we decided to just go all out in the beginning. We’re playing it through on impossible mode and this does make it harder since it’s not like new game+ where you keep all your upgrades and then take on the impossible difficulty which isn’t all that hard anymore. We started out with nothing and we did die quite a lot of times at certain parts of the game, though we’ve come far and are extremely close to beating the game.

So far the game has been a walk in the park on impossible, seriously it’s been a little too easy for us both I thought the game was going to be a lot more difficult. Though, we’ve finally hit that bump in the road where it seems like we’ll never get through it. Out of all the things we’ve been through, we’re finally having difficulties with the Co-op mission in chapter 14. We’re right at the end of the Co-op mission too, where John Carver goes absolutely bat shit crazy with hallucinations of his family. It’s not necessarily me who’s dying, but my friend can’t seem to fight off all the mini shadows of his son alone with ease. Sadly I don’t know how hard it is, since I’ve got my hands busy with the on-coming necromorphs that keep coming until he snaps out of his hallucination.

I’ll be honest, he’s died about twenty five times and that’s just an estimation – it could be more, so much that I can’t really remember. He tried several different strategies and each have gotten us nowhere, it doesn’t help that we both don’t have any med packs on us or much ammo… Either way we gave up and decided to stop playing till tomorrow. We were at first raging, but we hit that point where we just didn’t care. We kept playing and dying without it fazing us, we became immune to rage because no matter how much we tried, we knew we were going to end up dying again and again. We ended up deciding to stop playing the game until tomorrow; we just couldn’t take death any more.

Have you reached a certain part of the game you found to be difficult? Let me know down below.

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  1. An0mALy509 March 18, 2013 at 10:29 pm - Reply

    I just started impossible mode today with a fresh start (not new game+) and already half way through in about 6 hours (solo). I expected it to be much harder than it really is. I haven’t come across any point so far where I get stuck. It is definitely as u said a walk in the park. Honestly, feels much easier than when I played on normal. Haven’t really noticed any difference in impossible mode. Kinda a set back for me :/ especially with as much as I love the series.

    • admin March 18, 2013 at 10:45 pm - Reply

      It surprised me too, that something known as the impossible difficulty is actually pretty damn easy. Have you tried the Hardcore difficulty? You’re only given three saves throughout the entire game. Now that is seriously something hard, if Impossible isn’t doing it for you go Hardcore. I haven’t tried it yet personally, but I surely am interested in giving it a shot.

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