God Of War: Ascension Gets Its Very Own Badass Launch Trailer

Posted on Feb 27 2013 - 3:26pm by Curtis

God Of War: Ascension Gets Its Very Own Badass Launch Trailer

God of War: Ascension has gotten its very own launch trailer, now I’m someone who’s never played any of the God of War games at all. This trailer here actually looks extremely badass and it seems like interesting game, if I had a PS3 I would pre-order it instantly.

Check out the trailer down below:

C’mon you’ve got to admit that God of War: Ascension looks pretty damn good, the story seems interesting enough and there’s even the new multi-player that’s been added to the game for the very first time. It seems like it’s going to be good game, I’ve heard tons of people thinking it’s going to win game of the year… Which it will not. I guarantee that as 2013 goes on we’ll be seeing a ton of better games than God of War Ascension, like I said it seems like a great game but not an excellent game. All you people who have a PS3 I would recommend that you pre-order this game, it looks good enough for there to not be a lot of copies left when it releases.

As for me who doesn’t own the console and won’t be able to play the game, I’ll do something that I consider more fun, like starting up my SNES and playing Donkey Kong Country again instead.

What are your opinions on the launch trailer, do you think it looks badass like I do?

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