Gory Goodness: Piranha 3DD with David Hasselhoff

Posted on Feb 14 2013 - 10:45am by Jason Delacey

Gory Goodness: Piranha 3DD

2012 **Spoilers Ahead**

Hey I just talked about Piranha so why not go straight into its sequel?

How can you not find the title Piranha 3DD hilarious? I loved all the promos we got for this movie. Where it claimed to have double the terror and double the d’s. Sadly I found that both of these claims were not true.

I loved the first Piranha I really did, but this one just did not do it for me. It was not bad and I did not hate it, but I had so much more fun watching the first one.

This time around a new water park is set top open. And wouldn’t you know it those pesky Piranhas have found there way into the park. A bunch of kids are doing all they can to try and survive. That is basically the plot of this movie. It moves things along, but this is the type of movie that is not about the plot.

One thing that I did love was David Hasselfhoff who was playing himself. I love the way that the Hof has made a career of basically making fun of himself. I thought he was probably the best part about this movie. And of course Ving Rhames. Yes Ving Rhames was back even though when we last saw him in Piranha he was taking them on with the propeller from a motor boat. Ving Rhames may be back, but he is minus his legs.

Piranha 3DD is much more of a comedy than its predecessor which I am cool with. There are some great scenes with people getting killed by the Piranhas, but I was just expecting more. I thought it would be far more gruesome and graphic, but it was like the only thing that got ramped up was the comedy.

I do not class this as a bad movie at all, but I was a little disappointed. If you want a crazy fish movie then the first Piranha is the way to go.

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