Gory Goodness: Piranha

Posted on Feb 13 2013 - 8:00am by Jason Delacey

Gory Goodness: Piranha

Now here is a mindless popcorn movie if I ever saw one. I really did not get people who went to see this movie in theatres and said it was terrible. It is a movie about prehistoric piranhas that are eating people. What more could you possibly have wanted from this movie?

My brother in law who hates “garbage” movies went to see this and did nothing but complain. Why if you do not like “garbage” movies would you go and see something like this? To me Piranha delivered everything that I wanted it to do.

Ok so the story of the movie is this. A small coastal town has had some kind of mini earthquake that has caused one of the lakes top crack open revealing another lake. Yeah that’s right there is a lake under the lake. Anyway this coastal town is also about to be hit by thousands of kids on spring break who are just looking to get wasted and laid.

Unfortunately for them the lake thanks to the earthquake now is full of these prehistoric piranhas. And these piranhas must have thought they have died and gone to heaven with all the people in the lake. The local sheriff played by Elisabeth Shue and her right hand man played by bad ass Ving Rhames. A little off topic here, but if Ving Rhames is in a horror movie then you better watch it! Anyway they try to get the kids off the lake and of course none of them listen.

Unfortunately the sheriff’s son was supposed to be watching his younger siblings. Instead he took off on a boat with his friend and a crew making a porn movie (including Kelly Brook) While he is on the boat he notices that his younger brother and sister who he told to stay at the house were stuck on a small piece of land. The porn director freaks out when he hears that this kid is the sheriff’s son so he agrees to save his siblings. In doing so they crash the boat and its sinking.

Now the sheriff’s only focus is getting to that boat and saving her kids.

This is a great movie. Not great in terms of its story, acting or deep meaning on life or anything like that. Its just fun and that is all that maters. It delivers everything you would expect a movie called Piranha does. Oh and it has Kelly Brook in it and that is never a bad thing! One thing I want to mention is that there is a small role for Christopher Lloyd who is just awesome.

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  1. Blake February 20, 2013 at 11:50 pm - Reply

    This movie is so bad it’s good. I saw this little gem in 3d and it was great from the girls swimming under the glass bottom boat, to the girl having her head torn off by the boat propeller to the totally unexpected man hood of Jerry Oconnel being eaten by a Piranha. I can’t say I loved this movie but I laughed and cringed through out the whole film and that was worth the price of admission and the 3d glasses.

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