Gory Goodness: Stephen King’s Pet Cemetery 2

Posted on Feb 8 2013 - 9:00am by Jason Delacey

Gory Goodness: Pet Cemetery 2

The original Pet Cemetery was a great movie brought to us from Stephen King. And I know that is is an unpopular opinion, but I actual prefer this sequel. One cool thing about this movie is that you really do not need to have seen the original to enjoy it.

The plot of the movie sees a father (Chase) and son (Jeff) moving to a small town where they have a summer house. The son by the way is played by Edward Furlong of Terminator 2 fame. Any way Jeff’s mother who was an actress recently passed away while making a movie due to a special effects malfunction. So Chase decided they should move to a small quite town and try to move on.

Not to long they learn about an ancient Indian burial ground that is in the town and how years earlier there was an incident with the Creed family who used the place to bring back the dead.

Anyway Jeff makes friends with a guy at school called Drew. But there are also a gang of bullies at the school who like to give Jeff and Drew a hard time. Drew has a really hard life as his step dad (Gus) as well as being a police officer is just an all out prick.

Drew has a really nice dog called Zowie. Well Gus does not like Zowie because Zowie is always messing with his rabbits. One day he takes things to far and he shoots Zowie. Drew and Jeff take Zowie to the Indian burial ground to try and see if they can bring Zowie back from the dead.

It works, but Zowie is very different for starters there is no heartbeat. And blood tests reveal that the dog is in fact dead, but somehow it has come back.

Anyway Jeff and Drew go to a Halloween part that is at the Pet Cemetery. There is alcohol here so Gus  breaks up the party and a huge row happens. Drew gets punched by Gus, and before he can hit drew again Zowie rips his throat out causing him to bleed to death.

They decide to burry him in the Indian burial ground, and as I am sure you have guessed he comes back. At first Drew loves this new Gus, but after a while he starts to change. And so does Zowie. Before long it is up to Jeff, Drew and Chase to try and kill that which should not have been brought back.

This is a great movie, and if you like brainless horror then I suggest you check it out.

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  1. Carl March 29, 2013 at 10:37 am - Reply

    I too prefer this movie to the original it’s scarier and has a better ending. Sure is has Edward Furlong in it but the creepy dad who comes back and kills his wife and stepson by steering them into a potato truck is just creepy, and who can forget when the kid gets his face pulled into the motorcycle. Face it, neither of the movies are that good, but this one I like better than the first.

  2. Fred March 29, 2013 at 10:55 am - Reply

    A very underrated movie of the 90′s and a movie that had a lot more gore and blood than it’s predecessor. I thought that this movie made a lot more sense than the original too, sure it didn’t have the creepy dead kid hiding under the bed killing the old man, but it did have Gus killing the family rabbits and eating them for dinner. The movie was also the first R rated movie I ever saw and so it has some real sentimental meaning to me as well.

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