Gory Goodness: “The Lost Boys” Make Vampires Cool

Posted on Feb 22 2013 - 10:32am by Jason Delacey

Gory Goodness: The Lost Boys

I think if I had to make a list of my favourite 80’s movies in general that The Lost Boys would certainly be on that list. These days teenagers are all about Twilight, but in my days it was The Lost Boys that made vampires cool.

The story of the movie is this. Two kids Michael (Jason Patric) who is in his late teens and his younger brother Sam (Corey Haim) move to a beach town in California with there mother. They move in with there grandfather who is a cranky old SOB, but his heart seems like its in the right place.

The two brothers fit in with two very different crowds in there new town. Sam meets these two guys called the Frog Brothers Edgar and Alan. Edgar is played by the always awesome Corey Feldman. Anyway these two warn Sam that everything is not what it seems in his new town. They tell him that the whole place is under threat from a gang of vampires and they give him a vampire comic book to try and help him out. Sam of course thinks that the Frog brothers are just messing with him

Michael on the other hand finds some very different friends. He falls for this beautiful girl he chats to her when a guy called David (Kiefer Sutherland) he persuades him to follow him on his motor cycle. So Michel gets on his motor cycle and follows David and a bunch of other guys down to a abandoned cave that they have made there home. David and his friends are all vampires and he manages to trick Michael into drinking blood.

It takes no time at all for Michael to start to turn. While Sam is taking a bath Michael’s hunger for blood overcomes him and if it was not for the family dog he may very well have killed Sam. Michael then starts to gain weird vampire powers. Sam realises that his own brother is a vampire and Michael reaches out to him for help. As Michael has not made his first kill he is not yet a full vampire.

While this has been happening there mother has been dating a guy called Max. The Frog Brothers who are now helping Sam and Michaels are convinced that the is the head vampire and that if they kill him Michael will be cured. So when max is over for dinner they try to do some tests to see if he is a vampire. Max passes all the tests so they figure he is human.

It is decide that they will go down to the cave while the vampires are sleeping and kill them all one by one. This is a great scene and I will not spoil it for you guys to much, but the whole climax of the movie is just awesome with a capitol A.

Once its all said and done and the head vampire (who I have not revealed) is killed. Back at there grandfathers house he calmly says that the worst thing about living here is that there are to many vampires.

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  1. Nash February 22, 2013 at 11:06 pm - Reply

    This movie is a classic and come to think of it, the last few years of the 80′s had some awesome vampire movies. This one is right up there with Near Dark and Fright Night. This movie was so awesome in so many ways and of course it had the Corey’s in it. Damn this movie is amazing. The mullets were exceptionally incredible.

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