Halo 4′s New Majestic Map Pack Looks Amazing

Posted on Feb 17 2013 - 4:03pm by Christopher

Halo 4's New Majestic Map Pack Looks Amazing

Now I’ll be honest and say that I haven’t played a lot of games lately with school and all being very annoying lately, but I think I might have to come back and play more Halo 4 because the Majestic map pack looks amazing.

The Majestic map pack comes with three brand new maps one titled Monolith which looks like the inside of a covenant ship, then there’s Skyline which is outside in the open in a city; it looks really cool and I hope the map is as big as the image shows. Last we have Landfall which I really can’t make out where it’s located but across the waters of the level the city in the background is burning down with lots of smoke. Anyways, check out the images yourself HERE.

I believe Halo 4 is the only game I’ve bought new maps for in 2012, since the Call of Duty: Black Ops II looked like a waste of my money; but these maps for Halo 4 look worthy of my money in 2013 again. So, I’ll have to start playing again so I can get rid of the rust; time to play throughout the whole night into the morning. Nothing gets rid of rust better than a gaming marathon, let the fun begin!

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