A Moment Of Silence For A Bunch Games That Have Been Brutally Destroyed After A Little Break Up

Posted on Feb 10 2013 - 4:58pm by Curtis

A Moment Of Silence For A Bunch Games That Have Been Brutally Murdered After A Little Break Up

There are some things in life that can make a grown man cry, like the ending of Toy Story 3 and completely destroying the things they love so much… yes that is video games.

I found that gruesome and disgusting act of a brutal slaughter of video games while I was bored and browsing reddit, apparently as the story goes, the guy decided that he wasn’t in love with the girl he was currently dating anymore and he decided that they should break up. When he got home he ended up finding his games in the sad state as you can see them in, what I’d like to ask is what kind of monster, hideous beast, inhumane life form would do this to a bunch of video games who did no wrong.

Do you see how many discs are in there?  There are tons of them and I guarantee none of them were all that cheap when he bought them. That there is a ton of money down the drain and it all happened because some woman couldn’t handle a little break up.

After you read this can you give the games a moment of silence, maybe think of all the great times the owner must have had with them before they passed. R.I.P. games of a total stranger, hopefully you’re in a better place now.

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