My Little Pony Toys Should Be Showing Up In Germany At Burger King

Posted on Feb 26 2013 - 7:05pm by Christopher

My Little Pony Toys Should Be Showing Up In Germany At Burger King

I have no idea what’s going on, how come Germany is getting all the cool pony merchandise lately? They’re getting plushies and all other sorts of merchandise and now their fast food restaurants that we also have Burger King, are now getting better toys then ours; it looks like Germany is going to dominate with pony merchandise.

I personally don’t eat any fast food so I wouldn’t get my hands on these ponies anyways but I’m still so surprised that none of the North American fast food restaurants are producing such good looking My Little Pony toys, the quality look much better than what we get here so I’m slightly impressive and incredibly jealous.

They’re said to go on sale on March 4th and there’s also even a commercial that has a creepy looking crown thing in the beginning and you can see it on the little boys face that he doesn’t like his Tonka trucks and is jealous of the fact that his sister got the ponies; that must be a horrible issue for you closet bronies out there. Anyways, enjoy you German bronies and bask in the glory of those awesome ponies but we shall win the next battle of pony merchandise!

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