Nintendo Announces Their New DLC Titled “New Super Luigi U”

Posted on Feb 14 2013 - 10:20am by Christopher

Nintendo Announces Their New DLC Titled "New Super Luigi U"

I’m honestly so excited for this because this DLC is huge! It’s not like the crap you get for your usual run of the mill games where you get a little more content or some new maps; not at all. This DLC re-designs every single level in the game as a brand new campaign that focuses on Luigi; essentially Nintendo is giving us another full game.

This obviously will take some time so it won’t be coming out till later this year, but this is exactly what I expect when I hear the words “Downloadable Content”; Nintendo is doing things right! Though without a doubt it’s going to cost us some money and I’m betting it will be around $20; but it’s completely worth it and I know for sure that I’ll be buying it as soon as it’s released.

I loved New Super Mario Bros. U and getting 100% completed on the game took far longer than I expected, but it was incredibly fun! This game was great and keeps me very entertained; this new DLC will only consume more of my time as I go to beat Luigi’s campaign 100% as well. So long my social life for Luigi calls me and I shall answer!

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