Pitbull Stands Up For His City And Disses Lil Wayne After Insulting Miami Heat

Posted on Feb 26 2013 - 8:11am by Christopher

Pitbull Stands Up For His City And Disses Lil Wayne After Insulting Miami Heat

Now I never thought that Pitbull would be the type of guy to go ahead and diss a rapper but he sure as hell did. I’m only used to him being that guy who sings party songs and even though I don’t think it was an amazing diss and I have to say that spitting over a remix of the Harlem Shake was a bad idea because that song is annoying as hell, I will admit that he has a lot of guts to diss Wayne, he’s a very popular rapper nowadays with a lot of very dumb fans who could really start hating Pitbull a lot.

Wayne’s little childish antics begun over him allegedly getting a little heated with someone at one of the games and was asked to leave; after that he’s been incredibly heartbroken over the fact that he was thrown out and started a lot of crap which got him banned. So, of course he started opening his big mouth talking even more crap and made the situation much worse to which I assume Pitbull got annoyed by his stupid whining and just dissed him; at the end of the diss Pitbull claims to love Miami with a passion and can’t stand for this.

But I bet you anything Wayne is going to reply to this diss, he doesn’t seem like he’s been in a good mood lately and maybe dissing would help him get it off his chest and then he can realise how childish he was being and just apologize. Though, I expect nothing impressive from Wayne so if this does escalate to some sort of beef it won’t go far and it won’t be anything worth keeping up with.

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  1. Ryan February 26, 2013 at 11:20 pm - Reply

    I had tried so hard to like Pitbull and his music but I just can’t get do it. All his songs sounds exactly the same and I swear he’s the spokesman for every damn alcohol in the world. Dissing Lil’Wayne maybe is his way of realizing that he’s worn out his welcome and needs some more publicity. Sorry I’m just not a fan of Pitbull at all and here hoping Lil’Wayne treats his accordingly. :)

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