New Poster For Iron Man 3 Pays Homage To The Invincible Iron Man`s Cover

Posted on Feb 13 2013 - 3:22pm by Christopher

New Poster For Iron Man 3 Pays Homage The Cover Of The Invincible Iron Man`s Cover

I automatically thought that the poster with Tony Stark falling with the debris, smoke and the whole city behind him  was something I knew I saw somewhere before and I was right; it’s exactly like the cover of one of the comics of The Invincible Iron Man issues though I can’t remember which one. The quote on the comic was, “…and so shall the mighty fall.” But with the movie poster it’s simply just, “Even Heroes Fall.” I personally really like the quote because it shows that no matter how strong a person is there will always be a moment in life in which they will fall, but it’s those who get back up and try again who become the real heroes.

The other poster is simply War Machine as The Iron Patriot, now you have to have some sort of comic knowledge to understand that’s wrong; Norman Osbourn who is best known as The Green Goblin in The Amazing Spider-Man is supposed to be The Iron Patriot; that happened in a comic titled Dark Avengers. So I’m quite confused by this, but I hope the movie really makes sense of it.

The Iron Patriot

I just get more excited for this movie, I love Iron Man; he’s my favorite super hero and this movie looks amazing. It’s going to truly show the downfall and rise of Iron Man is what I’m predicting right now and I can’t wait.

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