Sega Won’t Be Heading Into The Next Generation Of Consoles?

Posted on Feb 1 2013 - 10:30am by Jason Delacey

Will We Ever See A New Sega Console???

Like many gamers I have a lot of time for Sega. Now while I love Sega I will fully admit that these guys made stupid decisions after stupid decision and that is ultimately what led them to bow out of the hardware business. Still that does not mean I did not have a ton of fun with all there consoles (yes even 32X and Mega CD)

The Dreamcast really was ahead of its time,  but sadly it paid the price for Sega’s failings with the 32X and Sega Saturn. And really did not do as well as it should have. The Dreamcast was either ahead of its time or maybe it should have came out a year before it did to really give it a fighting chance against the always looming Playstation 2.

Anyway a buddy of mine the other day while we were having a game of Zombie Revenge pointed out that Sega should make a new console.

I love the idea in theory, but we already have three consoles on the market and if history is anything to go by. There simply is not enough room in the video game world for more than a few consoles out there. Well if they actually want to do well. The list of failed consoles is very long.

On one hand I think that Sega really do have a great list of what could be first party exclusive games for a new console. Sonic, Outrun, Panzer Dragoon, House of the Dead, Shenmue, Jet Set Radio and Sega Rally just to name a few, but all of these have now appeared on other consoles so to the casual consumer this may add confusion. But Sega clearly have the catalogue of first part titles that could support a new system.

The main reason though that would stop them is the cost of making a new console. All the R & D work before the thing is even shown would cost a fortune. And then there is all the manufacturing and advertising costs as well. Sega simply could not afford to do something like this.

Sega in a way have been kept alive they have released numerous plug and play consoles some hand held and some that are even able to play Mega Drive cartridges.

While its a nice idea. Sadly I do not think we will ever see a new Sega console.

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