Star Wars Video Game Retrospective: Episode 3 “Republic Commando”

Posted on Feb 26 2013 - 11:26am by Curtis

Star Wars Video Game Retrospective: Episode 3 “Republic Commando”

Star Wars: Republic Commando was one of those games that I found extremely awesome, I remember playing this years ago. Republic Commando is a game based on Delta Squad an elite team of clone commandos, it’s about the three missions they take on and the game takes place sometime during the Clone Wars.

I’ve got to be honest here with you, I barely remember the plot of the game; it’s been way to long since I’ve last played this… but there is one memory that I’ll never forget about Republic Commando. Several years ago I embarked on my quest to beat Republic Commando, since I recently bought it at the time. I loved almost everything about the game how it focused more on the clone troopers, the weapons you obtained in the game were awesome especially the cross bow I loved shooting and enemy and having them go flying to the wall and hang there.

Back to my quest, I finished a huge amount of the game I got to the very last mission but I had someone come over (Never have someone over who has interests in videogames when you’re about to complete it) when the person came over he asked if he could try Republic Commando. Being the nice guy I am I said sure go ahead have fun, when he left I quickly ran to the console to find that he saved over my game. In my life I can’t remember a time I felt so annoyed, I just played several hours through Republic Commandos and now I won’t be able to finish it, I needed to know the ending but I just couldn’t do it. A month later I went back at it hard, I played none stop just too finally get to see the end of the game and when I did I was satisfied.

Now that I think of it I only remember one level, it took place on a space station and there were these bug eyed small walrus looking aliens running around it. It’s pretty vague but that’s all I can remember plot wise, oh and the missions in Geonosis where you had to take down Sun Fac the Geonosian chief.

I enjoyed Republic Commandos a whole lot; seriously I think that there should be another game like it. Not a direct sequel, but I mean a whole squad of clones taking on their own missions. It’s something I’d like to see again, though I wouldn’t mind a direct sequel to be honest. Whether it’s a sequel or an entire new game I don’t care, I just want more Republic Commando.

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