Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Snake and Meta knight Go Super Saiyan

Posted on Feb 3 2013 - 4:18pm by Curtis

Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Snake and Meta knight Go Super Saiyan

I’ve found something truly amazing – there is this video on YouTube which is two TAS Snake and Meta Knight fighting each other to the death, literally it goes from an extreme, intense and impressive SSBB battle and then turns into some crazy Dragon Ball Z kind of fight that just blew my mind into several tiny little pieces. Let’s get to the good part here’s the video, be prepared to be amazed:

Wasn’t that the greatest SSBB fight ever? I forgot to mention before though that TAS stands for Tool Assisted, it’s not actually a person playing the game it’s a computer that knows how to kick a whole lot of butt. I don’t think an actual person would be able to use Snake so well, with timing the grenades properly and all that other inhumane impressive stuff. You got to agree though when it hit sudden death and Snake was in the line of Bomb-Ombs it looked exactly like something pulled straight out of Dragon Ball Z. This video completely made my day, and I hope it in some way is able to make yours.

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