The Talking Dead Recap 2/17/13: The Walking Dead “Home” Season 3 Episode 10 And Sneak Peek Video Into Episode 11

Posted on Feb 17 2013 - 7:12pm by Harry Byson

The Talking Dead Recap 2/17/13: The Walking Dead "Home" Season 3 Episode 10 And Sneak Peek Into Episode 11

Last week not only was The Walking Dead back, but Talking Dead also returned and this time in it’s new one hour time slot. The best highlights from Talking Dead with Chris Hardwick discussing The Walking Dead episode “The Suicide King” with guests Kevin Smith and Steven Yeun were recapped HERE.

Tonight’s episode brings us two guests, The Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman and Joe Manganiello who is better known for his roles as Flash Thompson in the original Spider-Man film series and as Alcide Herveaux in True Blood.

Last week Talking Dead did not disappointed and Smith gave us a lot of behind the scenes scoop on his character Glenn. The more I think about it, it only makes sense to make him the new protagonist if Rick does check out due to an obvious impending mental breakdown.

Tonight I am looking forward to seeing if Kirkman reveals any spoilers about upcoming episodes. He has teased that it will be a “bumpy ride in the second half of season three and everyone should buckle up”, but I want to know more about who is going to die and how this whole Rick vs. the Governor thing is going to play out. I’m also wondering if Kirkman is going to mention anything about front-runner Glen Mazzara’s exit. One thing is for sure, tonight is going to be a great episode that you won’t want to miss. Along with all the Talking Dead commentary recap and gossip, there will be a sneak peek video into the next episode entitled, “I Ain’t A Judas”.

Chris Hardwick is the host of the Talking Dead and it airs tonight, February 17 at 10 PM ET on AMC. Don’t forget to come back here to Double Aardvark Media for tonight’s exciting recap.

RECAP: The episode was insane, the Governor dropped a walker bomb on the prison. Time for Chris Hardwick and the Talking Dead and he loved tonight’s episode. Chris loves to see Morrissey play the Governor and so does guest Joe Manganiello.

Kirkman thinks that the prison group couldn’t have prepared better for the war. Chris loved the moment when Daryl arrived with his crossbow to save Rick.

Fan Question: How would Shane handle the Governor? Kirkman thinks Rick was right in killing Shane and if the roles were switched, Shane would have led them into a full frontal war.

We learned tonight that Michonne is not a good shot, finally, it always seems that everyone is an expert shooter.

Fan Question: Will the Governor want to take Judith for his own when he finds out about her? Kirkman doesn’t think so, he thinks the Governor misses his daughter but loves to be free.

Chris wants to know what Kirkman was thinking with the Andrea and the Governor story line, he says that they wanted the two to play side by side in Woodbury.

Tonight’s poll question, Should Rick’s group make a stand at the prison?

Now it is time to say a heartfelt goodbye to those who died tonight and there were definitely some of the most gruesome moments on the series so far. Axel actually turned out to be a good guy before he got killed, R.I.P.

Fan Question:Why did Maggie push Glenn away? Chris thinks that Glenn made it all about himself and not her, which made her mad.

Chris asks Kirkman why Lori is dressed in white. Kirkman says she is not a ghost, it is Rick’s memory of a happier time with her so they made her look ideal as possible.

Kirkman says that Hershel was calm when he found out that Rick is seeing Lori because he also lost his wife.

Chris asks Kirkman if Lori is really dead and he responds with do we think Carl is really that bad of a shot.

Chris loves the scenes tonight with Daryl and Merle and was a little choked up when Daryl defended Glenn. Kirkman thinks it is awesome to have the two together finally, Manganiello really wonders what is going to happen with Merle, will he flip to the good side?

Fan Question: Do they think that Merle is going to hold over Daryl’s head that they orginaly planned to rob the camp way back when? Chris doesn’t think it is relevant anymore.

There is a new contest on the Walking Dead Facebook page where fans have to make videos to prove that they really are the biggest fans. If you win, you will be on your way to season four premiere.

Lou Temple is on the show, aka Axel and Chris tells him that he is sorry he got shot in the head on the show tonight. Chris wants to know how far ahead he knew that he was going to be killed. Temple reveals that he was told he was going to be a serial killer that kidnaps someone and takes them in to the woods. Temple thought he was duped at first and Kirkman explains that they code their call sheets in case they go missing. Temple says he likes to think he was serving the greater good by saving Carol.

They are now talking about the hate Andrea has, everyone agrees that the she hates Michonne more than the Governor.

Fan Question: Was Temple intimidated by the walkers? Yes at first, but oddly the more he was around them the more he got used to them.

People want to know what the tatoos were on Daryl’s back, but it turns out they are scars from beaten from his Dad.

A fan suggests that the group have a dog and Hershel could take out his voice box so he doesn’t bark to alert walkers.

Time for the sneak peek into next week’s episode, Merle tells Hershel that the Governor is going to kill him first, then everyone else, but Rick last so he can watch all his friends die. Kirkman reveals that Merle is going to evolve more in upcoming episodes.

Fan Question: Since Tyrese and his group didn’t come out to help in the shoot out, are they still in the prison. Kirkman reveals that after Rick had his breakdown in front of them, they left but we have to wait to find out where they went.

The poll results are in, the group should stay at the prison 55% of the fans think so.

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