The Walking Dead New Major Spoilers For Second Half Of Season Three

Posted on Feb 5 2013 - 9:56am by Harry Byson

The Walking Dead New Major Spoilers For Second Half Of Season Three

With the return of The Walking Dead only days away, fans are scrambling to find out whatever they can about what it is going to happen when our protagonist, Rick Grimes goes to war against the Governor. As show-runner Glen Mazzara takes his exit from the hit AMC show, he hints at Rick having a mental breakdown that affects not only himself but the entire group, Glen will be determined to have revenge, where Tyrese’s character will be heading will be anyone’s guess, another comic book character joining the show, more death and lots more gore.

Rick’s break down is going to be a major part of the story line and someone is going to have to fill his shoes, who do you think that will be? Personally, spoilers are leaning towards Daryl temporarily taking on the role but my thoughts are leaning towards this new “major” character that will be joining the show.

Michonne’s badass character is going to take a turn, we will get to see her vulnerable side when she finally realizes that she can’t make it out there alone. Glen is going to be the big surprise in the second half of season three when his rage and hatred towards the governor spirals out of control and when his group wants to stop fighting, he can only think of finishing the war and destroying their enemy.

Tyrese cannot be trusted, first and foremost, he wants to protect his group and if that means choosing a side, he will take the one that best suits their needs and not necessarily the side that kept them safe within the prison walls.

Mazzara hinted that we can also look forward to a new major character that will be joining the show and plenty of blood and gore to keep things fresh, “Our comic book fans will still be excited and delighted to see how the story unfolds and how we tell the story. We do have a lot of new surprising material. There’s still a major character [from the comics] to appear in the back half, which is very exciting.”

Last, but not least, are the Dixon brothers. Both are expected to make it out of the Woodbury pit alive, but Merle’s days are numbered and personally, I’m not going to miss him, will you?

What are your thoughts about the second half of season three of TWD? Are you looking forward to a new protagonist?

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