For Where Art Thou Fire Emblem: Awakening For I Needed To Play You

Posted on Feb 4 2013 - 9:02pm by Curtis

For Where Art Thou Fire Emblem: Awakening For I Needed To Play You

It started out as a great day for me, I woke up finding out that my first class today was cancelled and I instantly thought it would be a great time to go get me some Fire Emblem: Awakening before my second class of the today the day started.

The day started off good but it ended in a horrible manner, for when I got to my local retailer they told me the bad news, that there was no Fire Emblem: Awakening in stock… that it would come out the next day.

At first I was in denial, I thought there’s no way that this could happen every time Fire Emblem: Awakening was mentioned it would say that the release date in North America would be the 4th of February. I then came to accept it and did research on the problem when I got home and found out that there was a manufacturer shipping delay.

To be honest I don’t mind as much for I’ll be getting Fire Emblem: Awakening tomorrow and Dead Space 3 along with it, the only problem is – which game should I play first? This may be the hardest decision I’ll ever make in gaming, so comment your suggestions down below.

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