Master Chef Season 4 Auditions #1 And Auditions #2 Live Recap 05/22/2013

Posted on May 22 2013 - 6:54am by Christopher

Master Chef Season 4 Episode 1 Live Recap 05/21/2013

The judges are ready, are you? MasterChef is back tonight with an all new season 4 with some new delicious twists. British celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay who holds an amazing 15 Michelin stars, along with acclaimed chef Graham Elliott and restaurateur Joe Bastianich are all back to find America’s next MasterChef.

Did you watch season 3 of MasterChef, Christine Ha was the winner and she made it through the tough competition without her sight, she was the first blind contestant ever but that didn’t slow her down in challenge after challenge.

In tonight’s premiere episode, America’s best home cooks will present their dishes to the judges and if they pass their tough critique, they will move on to the next round which will be an intense lamb challenge.

Some of the highlights from this season; Chef Ramsay gets to try macaroni and cheese with a little twist, “breast milk” and a salad topped with a chocolate brownie. One contestant makes history when she prepares the worst dish that the judges have ever tried. For the first time ever on MasterChef, the contestants will be brought into the wilderness and told to find food.  Lots of plates are going to be tossed into the trash, Ramsay will be seen riding a jetski and Bastianich does something insane with a huge chunk of cash.

Official Synopsis: Home cooks representing 26 states arrive in Los Angeles to compete for the title of MasterChef and the $250,000.00 grand prize in the season 4 premiere. Each hopeful prepares a signature dish and presents it to judges Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliott, who rate on flavor, creativity and presentation.

MasterChef premieres tonight for a two-hour season premiere on Fox at 8:00pm, don’t forget to come right back here to Double Aardvark Media for our full and detailed live recap. In the meantime, check out the promo video below.

RECAP: Gordon Ramsay introduces all of his contestants auditioning on Master Chef and he shows off the quarter of a million dollars and the Master Chef trophy. Joe burns a bunch of cash in a pan and they tell them the trophy is the symbol of winning; not the money. All the contestants are cooking their dishes for all the chefs, we got lots of diversity being cooked up. First up is Natasha who’s a stay at home mom, she loves cooking and hopes the judges love it. Natasha walks in and she starts slowly cooking some sort of meat; Ramsay mentions she should turn off the gas before she kills them. She offers them a drink, Gordon tries her food and asks if it’s the best she can do; says thank you and leaves. Graham calls it beautiful; Joe then only asks if she made her own pastry. Gordon says it was tasty and exactly spot on, it’s 100%, Joe says it’s delicious and restaurant quality, Graham says it’s so good that you could have it over and over; she leaves with an apron.

Next is 19 year old Christine, a bakery assistant. She’s cooking a Korean duck for the judges, she slips up a bit and sounds really nervous. She plates her duck and Gordon comes up and says the duck is a bit raw. Graham tries it and mentions the meat is pretty good; Joe eats it and makes no comment. Gordon says the food doesn’t have the humble feeling that Korean BBQ usually has that he wanted, Joe says it was delicious but a little ill deceived but a yes none the less.
Graham says that she’s young and she has skills, finishing it off with a no and telling her sorry. He wants her to keep moving forward and not get to upset over this no, Christine walks out disappointed.
Next we see some weird things a man made ostriches, water bugs and even bear. Ramsay eats the water bug and spits it out, all the weird contestants are told no. Brian from Texas cooks roadkill and even brought in a beaver tail; a real one.
Brian is making beaver and frog chips, he even starts grilling the tail. Graham tastes it and says it could be beef, Joe takes a bite and says it was something he’s never eaten before, Gordon takes a bite and says there’s foundation. Joe says he doesn’t buy in with a no, Gordon says the dish was pretty damn tasty and followed with a yes, Graham gives Brian the yes and he comes out excited.
We see a complication of three people get a no.
Jordan wants to live his culinary dream and kick ass. He is cooking chili tostata and it is his mother’s recipe, she died from brain cancer and he is using her apron. He is bringing his technique and his secret sauce to the plate. Joe seems to like it, Gordon says it is nice plating, Gordon asks how he rates himself and he says a 10. Gordon is disappointed that there is not a plate for each of them, he is a huge yes. Gordon says he delivered an impeccable dish. Joe says it is the best opening dish, he gets an apron.
A bunch of people come in and get a massive no especially a girl who puts breast milk in her macaroni and cheese; that’s nasty. Next it’s Adriana from Mexico and damn she’s cute as hell; anyways it shows how her family arrive late and she is excited to see them right before she gives her dish to the judges. Adriana walks in and cooked them some cactus chili with dried shrimps croutons, Gordon takes a bite and leaves, Graham takes a bite and questions the cactus used, Joe takes a bite and just walks away. Graham says it’s complex and that the cactus is nice; giving a yes. Gordon says that he’s not convinced and gives her a no; Joe then says he doesn’t think she will be able to fight against the others since she’s so nice, she convinces him and she lets her take an apron.

Adriana goes and hugs all over her family very happy of her victory. After Adriana four other people gets through to the next round.
George from Ohio comes to cook wedding soup for the judges and has a wedding ring with him, Ramsay tries the meatball and walks off, Graham compliments the broth, Joe doesn’t like the fact of butter in the soup. Joe hated the butter and gave George a no, Graham loved and says yes, Gordon asks for George to ask his girlfriend to come in; he says hello. Gordon asks about her boyfriend cooking and she says it’s delicious, Gordon then tells George it’s not good enough but he should finally man up. George then starts to propose to his wife, it’s pretty damn cheesy and her reaction is pretty damn annoying; but good job George for manning the hell up.
As the first day is about to end, Krissi a mother comes in as the last contestant of the day. Her son comes in and surprises her, he plays it like a man and tells her to go cook. She gives him a hug before she walks in to the judges, she is cooking a meatloaf for the chefs with some sauce and potatoes. Gordon comes and takes a bite and says nothing, Graham takes a bite and says nothing; Joe does the same. Gordon says for her to bring her son in the room; she gets him. Gordon is an idol of the boy so he’s nervous as hell, Gordon asks what he wants to do and he says that he wants be a chef and that Gordon and his mother are his inspirations. Gordon gives Krissi a yes, Graham says yes and she gets her apron; the two walk out. Joe gets some tears coming out, what a softy right?
First up is Bime and he’s inspired to be there because of his kids, he comes in with a lot of energy. He is cooking some Puerto Rican dish with shrimp. Gordon comes up and takes a bite and leaves, Graham takes a bite and asks if he can really part from his kids for the competition and Bime says yes, Joe takes a bite and Bime says he could be his future rival; he’s confident as hell. Graham says yes, Joe says no calling it a fake dish, Gordon says the sauce is good and tells him he won’t be seeing his girls for a while; he gets his apron and runs out happy.
Next is Jessie, she is making a sea bass en croute; Gordon takes a bite and says the dish is quite old school. Graham takes a bite and says it’s good, Joe then comes up and takes a bite saying it has a lot of things going on. Joe says that the sea bass is a no, Graham disagrees saying it showed she had some technique and gave her a yes; Gordon leaves the room and comes back with two fish asking Jessie to hold each of them. Gordon shows her how to fillet a fish, he cuts that little sea creature with nice speed. He tells her to go and do it herself after and she does pretty damn well. Gordon then tells Jessie to bring him his jacket and handed her an apron.
We see a complication of several people with weird talents and some get a big no and one guys gets a yes. Hames from Texas comes in and he’s got some long hair and a nice beard; extra points for the beard from me. James walks in to the judges and is cooking them a crispy pork belly, Graham takes a bite and says it’s good. Gordon takes a bite and says it’s interesting; Joe then goes up and takes a bite and walks away. Graham says it was nice and gave him a yes, Joe says it’s not to his standards and gives him a no; Gordon asks him what they haven’t seen. He says he’s got a lot up his sleeves and he’s ready to show them what he can do, James tells him he can do it and he comes out with an apron with a massive smile on his face.
Some weird ladies come in and these girls are beyond weird, they scare the hell out of me; they mention how they want Gordon and Joe gets annoyed with one woman and tells her to shut up. They all get a no, with no surprise. One girl brings in all eleven people she is with, they all start cheering and crap. But they all give her a no, it’s pretty funny. Some girl is loud as hell and her name Sasha, she compliments them on being handsome and is cooking them some fried chicken with crepes. She starts singing and I’m confused, this woman’s personality hilarious. Graham comes up to take a bite and he does a little dance, Joe takes a bite and he says it’s a lot of chicken, Gordon then takes a bite and says it’s good though he doesn’t like the crepes. Gordon says that she is talented and her food is good with a yes, Graham says he loves the chicken and even Joe finally gives someone a yes. Sasha leaves loud as ever and is very happy.
Next we have Rudy who was burned really bad, he wants to prove that because he’s disabled it doesn’t mean he’s done. He is making some buffalo meat for a fry bread taco. Gordon says the buffalo is kind of dry after tasting it, Graham takes a bite next and says nothing as does Joe. Joe says that his food is not compelling enough for him and gives him a no, Graham says that he liked the fry bread and that it had some technique and gave him a yes. Joe tells him he’s wrong, Gordon says that for him it’s a no. He says that he hopes he continues cooking and Rudy says he will.
Next is a complication of people failing to get an apron, even one of them were called a nine year old for their dish. Next it’s Eddie who used to be a professional football player, Eddie is making a jerked meatloaf. Gordon takes a bite and says it’s interesting, Graham says he needs some seasoning and Joe actually looked like he liked it. Joe says a yes, Graham says the meatloaf taste good but looked sloppy and said a no, Gordon says it’s a yes and gives him an apron,
The final contestant actually came in last year and his name is Luca, he failed last year and decided to come back this year. He is making a raviolli and it looks pretty damn good. Joe takes a bite and says he could have won last year, Graham takes a bite and says it’s great; Gordon now takes a bite and walks away. Joe says that he has a lot of potential and gives him a yes, Graham says the ravioli is perfect but the sauce was a little too salty for him and gives him a no, last up is Gordon once again like last year; Gordon tells him he’s finally Master Chef material. Luca gives each of them a hug and runs out with a big smile on his face
The end!
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