Shocker! Highly Acclaimed Sci-Fi Show “Doctor Who” Is Profoundly Racist?

Posted on May 28 2013 - 10:43am by Christopher

Shocker! Highly Acclaimed Sci-Fi Show "Doctor Who" Is Profoundly Racist?

People have decided to start calling Doctor Who a racist show, now I’ve seen a couple of episodes here and there; I’m not a big fan but this made me laugh. It’s claimed that because the Time Lord has never been casted as any other race makes the show racist; his assistant was only black once.

BBC claims that they only decide on the casting by the talent of an individual, race isn’t even considered; now I can just hear people assuming it means that only the white people who auditioned were talented thinking its racist as well.  But why is it that there has to be somebody who pulls the race card on practically every damn thing? I find it so annoying, it’s as if all they want to do is cause controversy and have people give them some attention.

Nowadays everything and anything is racist, people need to stop assuming such negativity from a show and just keep their stupidity to themselves. It’s like calling Family Matters a racist sitcom because nobody of the main cast was white nor Asian…you see how ignorant and stupid that sounds? Well, calling Doctor Who racist is pretty much the same thing; people are truly petty.

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