Whoopi Goldberg Confirms That Wayne Brady Is A Black Man

Posted on May 17 2013 - 4:20pm by Christopher

Whoopi Goldberg Confirms That Wayne Brady Is A Black Man

Whoopi Goldberg had a little rant today on The View, no I do not watch The View; it just so happened to be on and I love me some Wayne Brady. So, I watched it and damn was it funny. Whoopi got a comment about how she acts white, she didn’t like that. Whoopi started going on about how she is in fact a black woman when she looks in the mirror and that she’ll die a black woman, no one questioned that she was black, just a comment about how she acts white. She completely took it the wrong way and it was great, she even looked over to Wayne Brady and confirmed to us all that he in fact was a black man; who would have known, right?

Anyways I believe that this started over the fact that Bill Maher made jokes about Wayne Brady being the whitest black man, something along those lines and Brady was not pleased about that; so here’s a video of him with the Huffington Post explaining the situation. I also got to comment and say Wayne Brady is one of my favorite comedians; the man’s just so hilarious.

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  1. Wow May 29, 2013 at 5:15 pm - Reply

    White people never understand
    She was just proving a point
    You’re a complete ass if you didn’t get what she was saying
    Then again you actually don’t understand what black people go through
    So I will pray for you

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