Anime Review: Death Note Is The Best Psychological Thriller

Posted on Jun 9 2013 - 3:11pm by Christopher

Awesome Anime Reviews: Death Note

There are really no other anime quite like Death Note, it’s one that really plays with your mind and you get a real deep connection with the antagonist and the protagonist of the whole story; it’s just one plots twist after the other and it keeps you on the edge the whole time! It’s one the type of anime that you will crave to watch in one sitting; you’ll keep getting curious on what will happen next!

The story of the anime is about a young man named Light Yagami who is highly intelligent and wishes to end all crime, he’s simply just a student. But after finding what’s called a Death Note his life completely changes. What ever name is written within the Death Note; that person dies.

Death Note

The greatest thing about this anime is that you can choose to watch it in either Japanese with English subtitles or just watch the English dub, of course the original is great but it’s one of the few anime where I really fell in love with the dub; surely most people prefer being able to listen and understand instead of reading as you watch.

The story is focuses on three precise characters, Light Yagami who owns the Death Note, Ryuk the God of death that previously owned said Death Note and L who’s trying to discover how people are just randomly dying. The battle between L and Light is just amazing, the two characters are like the complete opposite but their each so smart that it just intrigues you so much!

I have to say that L is by far one of the greatest characters I have ever seen, the weird quirks he has and how he is always so smart with the way he does things; check out one of my favorite scenes where he offers a strawberry. It’s just hilarious; I laughed at it for so long.

This is an anime which I can honestly say deserves a 10 out of 10, it’s something different and I can’t even name any anime the even slightly compare to it; it’s a thriller that will easily make you will easily become a huge fan of.

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