Power Rangers Super Megaforce Are Popped Collar Pirates

Posted on Jun 19 2013 - 11:04am by Curtis

Power Rangers Super Megaforce Are Popped Collar Pirates


Saban Brands have come out and officialy revealed to everyone the new Power Ranger series that’ll be airing during 2014, called Power Rangers Super Megaforce; this will be a follow up on Power Ranger Megaforce, technical the second half of it.

As you can see with the picture above that’s what the new Power Rangers are going to look like, they’re going to have to defeat a giant alien army Armada that’s sent to Earth to conquer the planet; Gosei a supernatural guardian of some sort who’s been around for centuries protecting the planet Earth gives the Power Rangers the special morphers and keys to aid in their quest to stop the alien threat.

Take a good look at the picture at the very top,  for some reason the whole Pirate theme and popped collars make me feel very iffy about the whole thing; it looks really stupid in a way? When I was growing up with Power Rangers they always seemed awesome to me, but now I don’t get this whole Pirate theme and I’d like to mention that the popped collars probably bother me the most about it, hopefully the series will be great with explosions and awesome giant mecha VS monster battles.

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