America’s Got Talent Season 8 Episode 5 Recap 7/02/2013

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America's Got Talent Season 8 Episode 5 Recap 7/02/2013

America’s Got Talent is back and last week was one hell of an episode; we got to see an amazing act called KriStef, they were referred to as hand standing hobbits for being barefoot. They were amazing and had on the most difficult looking acts I have seen; you can check out the video HERE. We also saw the amazing tenors called Forte; which consisted nothing but strangers who met a week ago online and they amazed everyone with their act, check out the video HERE. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed any of it, you can read our full and detailed recap right HERE.

Tonight America’s Got Talent is back with another round of auditions and they are going back to back against an episode of Big Brother, it will certainly be interesting to see who wins the time slot. Personally, I prefer America’s Got Talent since it has the most amazing judges; Howard Stern, Howie Mandel, Mel B and Heidi Klum. Oh, let’s not forget an amazing host as well, Nick Cannon.

Tonight AGT is back in Chicago and there is a twelve kid group that impresses the judges, a guy who balances a bottle of gasoline on a balloon that he busts and another group who uses one of it’s member’s as a skipping rope. Check out the preview below:

America’s Got Talent airs tonight at 9:00pm for a two hour episode. Don’t forget to come right back here to Double Aardvark Media for our full and detailed LIVE recap.

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RECAP: First contestant of the day is Kelsey who is 17 years-old with her dog Bailey, Howard didn’t realize it was going to be a dance act and called it incredible. Heidi says that there is no way you can’t love this and liked it a lot. Howie says it was cool to watch and was impressed by it. Mel B lover how cute her and the dog were together. All the judges give Kelsey and Bailey a yes and they move on to Vegas.

David Ferman is next and is a juggler who is taking his stunt to the next level by doing something incredibly dangerous, he does a quick warm up at first. He is going to balance a molotov cocktail on top of stick and a balloon. If dropped it could burn him severely, he does it and the balloon pops and he catches it on the stick.

The judges all loved the danger, Howard was impressed he put his life on the line, Mel B was impressed by the danger, Heidi was hiding from it and liked it as well, Howie thought it was flawless; earning him three yes’s and moves on to the next round in Vegas.

Next up is Chicago Boyz an acrobatic team consisting of members from 9 to 23 year-old members. Heidi loved the vibe and the action from the act, Mel B says it was captivating and something she never seen before, Howie made skipping look something very masculine and awesome, Howard tells the coach to come out and also compliments how great he is to instruct these kids on their awesome act. The Chicago Boyz get a yes from each judge and go on to Vegas!

Next is 2Unique which are a DJ and rap duo; Mel B liked them a lot. Howie said it’s unbelievable that they are 10, Heidi says they are so cool and Howard tells them they could be the next big thing. They go through to the next round to Vegas.

Next up is Sully Dunn and he considers himself a weirdo, he is a singer and a song writer who will be of course singing and playing the guitar. Mel B says he sound kind of like Green Day with a Jimi Hendrix look; liking him a lot. Howie says he’s weird but very likeable, calling him a star. Heidi calls him an unusual young man who looks nervous. Howard says he should have stayed in college, obviously not being a fan of it. Howie bets money that Sully will be a star giving him a yes, Howard says no, Mel B says yes and Heidi gives him the final yes. Sully is moving on.

Next on stage is Branden James and he is there today because singing has always been his dream, he’s openly gay and said it was hard dealing with it in his family since his parents were against it. He’s actually a tenor and is confident in his abilities. Howard tells him that he has completely proved himself, Heidi says she could feel his passion, Mel B was so surprised by his voice, Howie says he is great. The judges all give Branden a yes and he is moving on to Vegas.

Next is Trevor Stone and he is a cat trainer and has been doing it for 15 years, What comes out on stage is a giant stuffed cat and it just coughs up a hair ball and does a crap on the stage; it was truly embarrassing knowing that was the whole act.

Next up is David Fenley and his a guitar playing singer who believes music is life. Heidi loved his strong and powerful voice, Mel B loved his raspy and soulful voice, Howie tells him that he is amazing, Howard says he was really good with a pretty damn good voice. All the judges give David an obvious yes and he goes on to Vegas where he belongs.

Next is Dylan Wilson who is 17 years-old and he is going to dance. Howard was mesmerized by his dancing and liked it a lot, Mel B called him hot and sexy with that dancing, Heidi thought it was awesome, Howie thought it was inventive and very surprising. They all give Dylan a yes and he moves on to Vegas.

Next is Hunk O Mania‘s National Men of Steel; they are dressed up as spartans and do some sort of dance using the sword and shields; Howard already hates it a lot and says no. Mel B says it’s a yes for the ladies, Heidi would like to see more, Howie tells them a no and can’t say yes for the girls.

Next up are two brothers known as Lil Mike and Funny Bone who are doing this dance and rap. Howard wasn’t expecting to enjoy it but they were pretty enjoyable, Howie has the song stuck in his head already, Mel B liked but hated it, Heidi was entertained and liked it. Heidi says yes, Howie says yes, Mel B says yes and Howard gives them a yes sending them to Vegas.

Next up his a rock band called American Hitmen, they are all veterans from the military. Howard loved them and believes they can make it to the top, Heidi thought they were cool and loved the confidence, Mel B believes they are great musicians and felt they had a great connection, Howie really loved them. Each judge gives them a yes and they are moving on to Vegas without a doubt.

Check out our live video review below:

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