South Park: The Stick of Truth Meet The Crab People

Posted on Mar 6 2014 - 7:06pm by Curtis

South Park: The Stick of Truth Meet The Crab People


I’ve written before that the thing I was most excited to see in this game is the Crab People, while playing South Park: the Stick of Truth I’ve finally gotten to find what I’ve been looking for since I started playing the game; yes that is the Crab People. There’s a point in the game where you are able to enter the sewers and can move on after getting a certain ability that allows you to teleport; in the sewers you make your way through many rats and hobos.

I did all I could do in the sewers, defeated all the hobos and completed the Mr. Hanky side quest where you need to find all of his children. I then made my way out of the sewers and found myself inside some kind of cavern, with glowing mushrooms and jagged spikes everywhere. As I was walking in the cavern I head this sound, this familiar and beautiful chanting from far away.

I got closer and I found out that there was a good reason to why this chant sounded familiar, because I’ve found myself a member of the ancient race of Crab People. Look back up at the image and you can see that the Crab person is banging on a drum and he’s singing their theme song Crab People, check out the video below to hear the song:

It’s awesome that this Crab person is actually nice, so nice that he ends up adding you on Facebook as a friend. What’s even better, if you take a look at the image once more you can see that I’ve obtained Crab People armor to make me an honorary member of their ancient civilization.


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